John Lu

John is a senior majoring in Chemistry and Mathematics. John has previously won over $20,000 in grants to fund his research on schistosomiasis prevalence in rural Tanzania, vaccination uptake in Ghana, and the pathophysiology of Epstein-Barr virus. He created and teaches the first undergraduate course at Duke focusing on neglected tropical diseases. John also serves on the national advisory board of the END7 campaign of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, a leading social movement to end the 7 most common neglected tropical diseases by 2020. John is a contributor to the Huffington Post, and he enjoys meeting new people and learning new things.

Thabit Pulak

Thabit is a senior majoring in Environmental Science and Policy. Thabit is the founder of iKormi, a nonprofit organization he founded over 5 years ago, which deals with battling arsenic water poisoning, a problem which affects over 150 million people worldwide. Currently, his organization produces over 100 water filters a month, using local materials and local labor in heavily arsenic affected regions in Bangladesh. His filters have resulted in clean drinking water supplies for over 4,000 people in Bangladesh, serving people from villages, to mosques, and to hospitals. In addition, Thabit is the Worldwide Director for Water Resources at the Sabrina Memorial Foundation, one of the largest nonprofit organizations to operate in Bangladesh.

Elish Mahajan

Elish is a senior majoring in Biology and minoring in Computer Science.  He is interested in the social, legal, and ethical reaches of science on the world. He is a certified EMT-Basic and volunteers with Duke EMS. He is also a member of Nita Farahany’s Science Law & Policy Lab and does basic research on the Human MicroBiome. He knows everything will be all right.

Maaz Mulla

Maaz is a senior majoring in Biology and minoring in Computer Science. Through Bass Connections, Maaz is working with a group on a global health research project where he is examining disability care across several countries. He is also involved with basic science research and is working on a project studying drug resistance in breast cancer cells. Aside from research, Maaz is a volunteer at the Children’s Hospital, and a proud member of GANO (a student-run ESL group on campus). He loves to play tennis, and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Julie Uchitel

Julie is a junior from Philadelphia, PA double majoring in Neuroscience and French. She currently performs research on epilepsy and Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood with Dr. Mohamad Mikati at Duke Children’s Hospital. Julie has also worked in two child neurology labsat The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She has published in the Duke Science Review and Neurogenesis.

Angela Renne

Angela is a freshman from Maryland majoring in Biology and Global Health. She is currently involved in volunteering at the Veritas Institute and conducts research on natural cell resistance to radiation. She has previously interned with the Red Cross and taught CPR and First Aid classes in a Red Cross summer camp. She is interested in the health care of developing countries and will be traveling to Togo in the upcoming summer to work in the local health clinic and teach English and writing. In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and going to art exhibits.

Evi Alexopoulos

Evi is a sophomore from Rye, NY majoring in Biology and Global Health with a concentration in Emerging Infectious Diseases.  She is currently working for a masters student at Duke Global Health Institute, analyzing HIV self-testing research in Zimbabwe.  Evi worked for an NYU research team this past summer that focused on quantifying health disparities across the five boroughs of New York.  She is interested in the cross-section between socioeconomic factors and heightened disease prevalence.  In her spare time, Evi enjoys spending time with friends, watching Parks and Recreation, and reading fiction.

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